New Transponders for Old

Yes, thats right, we will be offering the Harry Trade in at the race. Before the race we will swap your old AMB DP transponder or Clone Transponder for a Brand New Harry for you to use at the race. MyLaps engineers will be at the event testing some prototype camera equipment and will be there to answer any questions you might have. The cost of the swap is 30 for an AMB DP Trade in and 35 for a Clone Trade in. No proof of purchase is required. Trade in as many transponders as you like, there is no postage cost or delay. This offer is primarily for the competitors, but if anyone else wants to take advantage of this offer they are very welsome. You will also be able to buy a new Harry Transponder for 70. Clips will be available for 1. Here is a data sheet about the RC4 System.

Offer only available while stocks at the track last!

Who's watching the Race?