bbkRC Live from the players 2 21-22 Nov

We'll be at the track on Friday 20th setting up the equipment and sorting the heats, so watch out for updates. Timed Practice is due to start at 7:30am on Saturday and we should be online by then.

Here's the plan for the race. Friday is set up day with open practice available from 5-10pm. During the evening we'll set up the heats for the race to the cut. On Saturday morning there will be a quick round of practice in heat groups then 3 rounds of qualifying heats with staggered start. We'll rank the drivers using round points, best two from three. Depending on the final entry numbers we'll set a cut point. Those above the cut go into the Elite races, those below have their own races. Everyone will get 6 races against other in the their group. Two races will be on Saturday and the remaining 4 on Sunday. We'll take the best 4 finishing positions for each driver to decide the overall result. It's all about winning! If you are in a soft race dip your bread, if its a tough one, hang on in.

If our network connection is good you will see the results build up and be able to see the racing. We'll try to bring you interviews between races. As we are on a mobile phone connection we can't monitor our output, so we will rely on you the viewers to alert us of any problems. When the event Covet-It-Live window (below the video) is open you can send us messages or you can call us on 07803 000238. If the phone is off or on messages then we are up to our arses in alligators, so cut us some slack! Our main priority is to run the races so we may take a few minutes to get back to you.

The red buttons on the results index will hook you up to listings as they become available.

We are going to have a great meeting and we hope to share it with you. If you are local, why not come along? The venue is ther North Notts Community Arena, Eastgate, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1QS

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