Replay from the players 2010 22-24 October

No video, just audio. T-Mobile keeps dropping our connection if we get anywhere close to streaming video.

Livestream Chat is not avialable. Please use CoverItLive to contact us. We will do our best to respond but we do have a race to run.

Hook up a Harry

We will have the Harry Transponders available for upgrade and sale, 27.50 to upgrade from an AMB PT and 32.50 to upgrade from a Clone, 65 to buy. Clips will be 1 if you need one. We can't take Credit Cards at the event so its Cash or Cheque only please.

We may not have many more Harry transponders for upgrade but we will have Harrys for sale for a long time to come.

As the Recharageable Transponder is no longer made we have trade in offers for these and of course trade ins for the older AMBrc Decoder and AMB20 Decoders.

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